We're currently in the middle of the rainy season here in Japan.
All the rain and the wet
makes me feel down but there's someone
in my family even more upset and gloomy than me...


Yes, this sad-faced dog, Macy, is the one.

Because of the rain, we can't take her
to walks often and only playing indoors is a bit
too boring for her.

On the rare occasion of cloudy,
no rain weather, we go out and Macy gets all excited!!


There are so many new things outside
and each encounter is interesting and fun!!

One time, Macy met a turtle
for the first time in her life!!


At first, she was curious about the unknown creature,
but then fear kicked in and started barking.

It's great to see my dog learning
and seeing new things,
so we both can't wait for the rainy season to be over!!

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